The Honest Modern Heathen

Yes i can here you say , another Heathen blog ! But i make this blog and site with only 1 intention . Providing correct and complete information for people who feel attrackted to the Old ways and Gods . I know there are many website’s that cover parts of it and make you jump from site to site but its hard to find complete info on one page without adds . So i hope to close the gap a bit . This will take alot of work and time but i will get it done . If you should find errors , please tell me .

Darraðarljóð – DARRA THARLIOTH – Het lied van de Walkuren .

1. Bloed regent uit het bewolkte web Op het brede weefgetouw van de slacht. Het web van de mens grijs als pantser wordt nu geweven , de Walkuren zullen het kruisen met een karmozijnrode inslag. 2. De schering is gemaakt van menselijke ingewanden; Mensenhoofden worden gebruikt als hevelgewichten; De hevelstaven zijn bloednatte speren; De schachten…

Hávamál 4

A week later then planned , but today i added the study and analyses of Hávamál 4 . Enjoy . Greetings Dave

Hávamál 3

Added the analyses of Hávamál 3 today . I hope you enjoy , share your toughts if you like it or not . Greeting Dave

Hávamál 2 added .

Today i added Hávamál 2 study and analyses . Also added a tab on the menu for easy navigating . The head tap is with some general info on the how and why i did this and the sub tab takes you to the stanza’s . The numbers of the pages should correspond with the…

Forgive my silence

Dear followers and readers, sorry for my apparent absence over the last weeks and months. I know I haven’t posted much but I have a good reason. I am currently working on my own book, my own translation of Hávamál, a kind of analysis and study guide to help people understand the Hávamál better. I…

Völuspá modern Nederlands

© Vertaling Terryn Dave 2020 . De profetie van de zieneres . Waarom deze vertaling ? Er zijn enkele goede versies van Nederlandstalige vertalingen van het völuspá die door heel veel Nederlandstalige mensen wordt gebruikt . Ik denk dat bijna iedereen met onze taal deze heeft gelezen . De vertaling van Marcel Otten uit 1994…

To vax or not to vax , thats the question !!!!

I get alot of questions on where i stand about the vaccine campaigns that are being started on a global scale these days . Whether i will do it or not and where i stand about them and how to react to the 2 sides vaxxers or anti-vaxxers from a heathen point of view .…

Happy New year

I wish you all a happy new year , i hope it will be a better year then the one we just closed . I hope the Gods will grant you all ; lots of work , love , money but above all that , i wish you and your loved ones a good health…


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