Snorri Sturluson

Who whas Snorri Sturluson ?

Snorri Sturluson (Icelandic: [ˈsnɔrːɪ ˈstʏrtlʏsɔn]; Born in Dalasýsla – Hvammur ( í Dölum ) Iceland in 1179 (month and day unknown ) into the wealthy and powerful Sturlungar family of the Icelandic Commonwealth . His parents were Sturla Þórðarson the elder of Hvammur and his second wife, Guðný Böðvarsdóttir. He had two older brothers, Þórðr Sturluson (° 1165) and Sighvatr Sturluson (° 1170 – † 1238 ), two sisters (Helga and Vigdís) and nine half-siblings .

Snorri was raised from the age of three (or four) by Jón Loftsson, a relative of the Norwegian royal family, in Oddi, Iceland. As Sturla was trying to settle a lawsuit with the priest and chieftain (goðorðsmaðr) Páll Sölvason, Páll’s wife (Þorbjörg Bjarnardóttir) lunged suddenly at him with a knife — intending, she said, to make him like his one-eyed hero Odin — but bystanders deflected the blow to his cheek instead. The resulting settlement would have beggared Páll, but Jón Loftsson intervened in the Althing to mitigate the judgment and, to compensate Sturla, offered to raise and educate Snorri.

Snorri therefore received an excellent education and made connections that he might not otherwise have made.He attended the school of Sæmundr fróði, grandfather of Jón Loftsson, at Oddi, and never returned to his parents’ home. His father died in 1183 and his mother as guardian soon wasted Snorri’s share of the inheritance. Jón Loftsson died in 1197. The two families then arranged a marriage in 1199 between Snorri and Herdís, the daughter of Bersi Vermundarson. From her father, Snorri inherited an estate at Borg and a chieftainship. He soon acquired more property and chieftainships.