Not all subjects can be posted here on the webpage of the honest modern heathen since there is so mutch to be covered and discoverd around the world of heathenry and paganisme . Facebook pages / groups of kindred spirits . All of these have a very nice community with helpfull folk . So there is a good chance that somebody on one of these pages will be able to help you further then i can . More people means more knowledge and help , and that is the main reason ive started this webpage , to help people .

If you are an admin or owner of a website , facebook page or blog and would like a link to your pages feel free to send me a message with the link .

More coming soon

These links are webpages that i used for additional info on the posts .

Usefull Webpages ;

Hravan is an online library dedicated to Germanic paganism. 
On Hravan you will find a variety of books 
that all have one thing in common: 
Germanic paganism is the central topic.

Pagan Places is your atlas for exploring the vast 
pagan legacy of Europe through its pagan places.