Rune’s and there history .

Among the most known and used part of Norse beliefs are the rune’s . Believers and non believers are using them for almost anything , tattoo’s , clothing , deco and so on .

In these modern times we have acces to all and anything . And there are hype’s and trends .

One of them is since the start of the vikings series ….. the runes .People are fascinated by the runes because they see them on vikings and i understand why …believe me i do . When i whas 17 years old ive seen them for the first time in my life ( pre internet era lol) and fuck … how they fascinated me to . But then they where still a huge mystery . Living in a christian land with a christian mindset . Not mutch to find on them where i lived . I whas still a christian boy to then at that time , well not by value’s but i whas baptised at birth , lets keep it to that , never whas a fan of the church since something inside me felt something whas wrong . To each his own but it whasnt my thing since i dont like things like when somebody slaps you on the cheek , show them the other one .Naah ….i am more the person of slap on my cheek and you will instant regret it mindset ! But nothing else around at that time and i really dint have a saying on the mather of beeing baptised or not since i whas only a few weeks old .

When i joined the army later on in life , and i get to go places , on one of the places i whent i saw them again – RUNES- in larger quantity’s then ever before . I whas in what is presumed the birth region of them and since i whas gone be vacating there awile ive came in contact with people who where familiar with them . Like in ….always known them in there famely and community’s .

A new world expanded for me , the unknown runes became the start of everything till today .

Getting tattoo’s whas not so easy back then or so common so i whas not thinking about that but i found a new world had to be discoverd . Everything connected with and surrounding the runes .

The people i met introduced me to the old ways , educated me what they knew and started my fire and after a wile converted me in a way . I learnd and devoured anything i could about the old faith . And since that i am still doing that 22 years later , not longer a christean and a bit wiser then when i whas a boy. Luckely for all of us , things have become easyer on how to get info . Wanne know something ? Yup , there is the internet . Need a book from the other side off the world , you can instantly order it without any problem .

But with that ease also comes one slight problem , anybody can see anything they want . And its just like that that with the runes . All the info is at your feet , pick what you want without knowing whats behind it all .So with this section i would like to give some more background info on the runes and there meaning . With my humble knowledge offcourse , afterall , if you believe in the norse gods and godesses . You dont wanne be faced with them on the day you die in one of the realms with a dumb wrong rune tattoo on your body . To be known for the rest of your afterlife as the idiot . Its like people getting a chinese tattoo on there holiday and thinking it means something cool but infact you have dick or cunt written on your body .

I know the runes are not easy material to get around and honestly after all this time i am still scared shitless to do them wrong . I am not expert in anyway and try to help from what ive known and learned over the years without getting to serious.

But lets try to explain them and there story , because you can and will get a full blown shitstorm from certain people if you screw things up lol.

Enjoy the ride

These are a few of the subjects that are covered on these pages :