About me

About me ; Nothing really special actually lol , i am just a simple man , trying to do my part . Living my life , trying to do good as most of us do .Trying to raise my kids , trying to teach them value’s and standards , simple said , help them become decent members of society and also find there way in life . So why do i write this blog you say ? To help and meet others who are just searching there way thru life and try to live according some standards . I found myself in the late 90’s to be attrackted to the old gods after beeing raised as a Christian . And it felt like coming home , truly belong to something for me personal . Since then i have bin studying and learning what it is to be a Heathen . Ok , that is about who i am in a nutshell.

Why this blog ? Lots of people are searching for answers these days , lots of people who lost there faith and turn there backs on the mainstream religions , searching for alternatives . Since the internet has come , it is alot simpler to find the info you need but since everybody can write anything they want its also more tricky to find the correct answers and info . Everybody seems to be an expert these days or so it seems . Anybody can pretend when they write ! See me now , even i have made a blog lol . I have bin studying for the last 20 years about the Gods and the old ways and still feel i know nothing somedays . But in the last 10 years i have trying to help people to find there ways and finding correct answers and info . I do not state that I have the answers on all questions but i always do my best to connect to the people or sources that can get you on your way .

What is this blog be about ? Anything related to the Norse/Germanic Gods , ranging from the Edda’s and its content , runes , validated writings and sources , customs and habbits of then and now , rituals and prayers , personal insights , art work , historic events and places , symbols and even tattoo’s .

Why a blog and not a facebook group ? Some people askt me this . There are a ton of FB groups already plus we all have bin in the position that you see a post that gets your attention and interest . Only to be lost some time later in the ginnungagap . I hope to sort things here a bit easyer so if you see anything that interest you , you can refind it or re-read . Plus FB groups seems to attrackt al sorts of people , the people who are truly seeking help / answers , and the ones who claim to know it all . No room for dialog , if a mod does not find its fitting his view or opinion about something , you wont get it posted , correct or not . And it seems that every FB group about our religion gets sucked in the hype about vikings or acting like it .

Wil this be another viking page ? Nope , it will cover things about the viking era for sure but Heathens and vikings are not always the same . Aldo i can understand the fascination about them , they are only a small part of the Heathen history , so mutch more to learn and say .