Is there a need to defend our lifestyle as a heathen or not ?

Lately i personaly start to feel like there is more need to defend our lifestyle as a heathen .I never had that feeling , i could liv with the tought that people hardly new anything about us then what the mainstream media shared about us . I could liv with the fact that nobody knew or even cared that modern heathenry was more then series and marvel movie showed on tv. I whas happy in our secluded world

But in the wake of the happening at the white house , it seems like we are forced to take more of a stand now then ever before, done with silence , tranquility and any mystic . No longer letting others claim that they know what a heathen is or should be . Im done with people seeing modern heathens as only people who dream of beeing a viking or larp as one .

I have no problem with people who love and practise larp , but the ones that claim heathenry is just that ! If you wanne be or play a viking , go ahead , its a free world but stop claiming you are a heathen because of you are doing just that !

Im done with idiots , morrons ,fascists and extremist claiming the ancient symbols as there own .

If you hate another person it is your right to do so , substantiated or not , i dont care with one single fiber in my body . But do not claim you are a heathen or that these symbols belong to you or your movement of not knowing where they belong . If you would be a true heathen you would know the gods hate you for beeing so honorless .

Have the cleverness en mind to create something of your own for symbols but do not use sacred symbols of the past as your own tool . It make you just look like an arse , even more then you do already . Dont claim to be the rightfull habitant of a country and against foreign people and there symbols when you are infact , a foreigner in that country, the dirty immigrant that you like to get rid of, where your ancestors came as a foreigner and you are using symbols that do belong to another foreign group .You have no lineage with anyone so do not claim others peoples symbols when you have no intellect to get your own .

You are the person that perhaps some of your ancestors died to get rid of , you are the stain on there lineage , you are the blame on and the pollution of there legacy . You will be forgotten or rememberd as the bloodline pollution , you are the skidmarks on there name .

At some level i hope you are a heathen in a way , then the gods will be able to judge you as the person you are and let me tell you , it will not be a fun ride in the afterlife .

Because of low life , worldstrange ,inbred people like you , we the genuine heathen people and communitys in all the parts of the world, have to defend our sacred symbols and customs against anyone that has seen your stupid actions .

Im not expecting that some of the no brainers who should read this , actualy gone read this because of there limited brain capacity , but i needed to vent .

End vent , i wish a great week to all of you , unless you are one of the idiots i mentioned , then i hopeand pray the gods trow all the miserie of the world ontop of you .

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