1 ) I am not english of native thong so there will be some typo’s for sure . Then why do i type this in English ? It is the best way to reach more people , i am Dutch of native thong but since 90% of the world doesn’t understand that it would be a smaller public for me to talk and share my toughts to . I try my best to keep the typo’s at a minimum but do i really care ? Nope , not a second lol . This blog isn’t ment to get some price or for any big magazine or whatsoever . Its just a view from one person to another .

2) I have the habbit of beeing blunt and straight forward . I try to be respectfull and all but if you are beeing an ass , so will i . People talk to people is a saying with us here in Belgium or perhaps elswhere to , dont know really .

3) If you are only here because you think you are a viking or wanne play a viking, sorry then this blog wont be for you , there are no more vikings , face it !! Or i did not get the message about any raids , or you did not good enouph and it whasn’t worthy of talking about lol . Aldo vikings made our religion more known in the last years , our religion is not a viking show , it goes alot further and deeper then that . If you are still interrested after this statement , stick around and it will be fun and informative for all of us .

4) I am no self proclaimd expert , i dont have a historic degree or any fancy diploma about the matter . I dont know everything , sometimes i think i know nothing yet ( But would want to !! ). Everything i know and that will be posted are things i had to found myself out in the past . If i find anything that is related and interesting on the www and it seems accurate , then it will be shared . If i make a mistake , tell me , like i said before , just wanne have a little place of organised info . In time i hope to have some experts or people with more knowledge about some aspects help me . Untill then , you will have to do with my PERSONAL opinion and knowledge . I am only human and make mistakes

5) People of any religion and opinion are welcome to join convo’s and debate but what i hate is racism, truly hate it to my core . I am very open minded and i have friends from all sorts and brands but do not use our symbols and beliefs for a political agenda .

6) I have no experience with blogs , website creation or maintaining at all so expect some fuck-ups allong the way . So this is a proces of trial and error , actually alot like life itself , so enjoy the ride i would say .