Viðauki I: Nafnaþulur

A Sword

I will recount the heiti for swords:

blade and Hrotti,
hewer, Dragvandil (draw-wand),
Gróa (grower), Gram (wrath), screamer,
resounding and end-scored,
scythe and polisher,
honor, light ray.
Rogue, cutter, metal,
Skrýmir, Laufi (leaf),
ale-glory, halbard
and wormstick,
leg-biter and bull
and Leifnir’s ruin,
war-bared, Hneitir (slicer)
and sea-raked.
Lotti (reducer), gushmaker,
stabber, seax,
hand weapon, hand grip
and Mistletoe,
steel, throe-giver and striker
and middle-decorated,4
Fetbreid (broad-track), gate-fire
and life-quencher.

4. reading ok for om

Wavy, threaded,
corpse-pain and brand,
man, wolf,5 slaughterer,
wind-bright and torture,
ash, sorrow-wader,
sharp of edges,
swooper and hideous darter,
hall-fence, grip.

5 – Possibly verr, úlfr should be amended to verrúlfr, “man-wolf.”

Inciter, head-sharp,
carrion-Gaut, army-shining
and flesh-Mímir,
wound-opener, reverser,
surf-raiser, burnished,
gleam, lacerator,
reducer, gate-fire.
Mimungr and death
and Speech-Witness,
treasure, corpse-enclosed,
crane, twist-stick,
trooper, millstone-biter,
beam of light, hardness,
witness, ripper,
Mocker, pale-maker,
dismisser, notcher,
luckbringer, Skilfingr (trembler),
polished, tearer,
rupturer, whitey,
Bæsingr (bastard), Tyrfingr (tarry),
gobbler and hewer,
and nightbringer will be found here.
Fire and hand-resounding,
long-sharp and flame,
eagle and terrorizer
and Naglfari (riveted),
reclaimer, Mörnir (jabber),
breeze6 and diminisher,
blaze and long-neck,
stormy, defiler.

6 – blær also appears as one of the terms for a ram.

48. Feller, pale,
Fáfnir (embracer), piercer,
battler, reeking,
offspring, bender,
winner, polisher,
swallower, cutter and dead man,
Goin (merry), guest-Moin (moor-guest),
mocker, thunderer, Níðhöggr (mean-striker).
Point, blood-band
and wound-knuckles,
blood interlace, bloodcasting
and bloody eddy,
blood opening, feinter
and blood-grip,
restless caster and brand,
edge-strips, battle.
Howler, blade
and Ölröð’s gift,
mark, battle-edge
and missed aim,
fringe and shaver,
outlaw, Kaldhamar’s gift,
hilt and hard shoulder.
Sword and clamorer
and trusty nail,
clinch, victory-knob,
boss and tang,
grip, hew-father
and middle-pierce.

An Axe

Axe, earth-horn
and iron-blade,
opener and sideways shover,
cutter and hatchet,
power-span, Gnepja (jutter),
ogress and Fála (frightener),
spiked and bulging,
barbed axe and Vígglöð (battle-bright),
chopper and extended,
there is the wretch’s horn,
this is the called the last word7
of the names of axes.

7 – Efzt can mean either “highest” or “last” – like ultimate. The same in the last line of verse 55. But presumably in verse 22, applied to Loki, it just means “last.”

A Spear

Dart, spear and stinger,
leaning-post, lance and javelin,
swifty, pike and tirer,
halberd, carrion-blade,
throwing spear, shaft, borer,
missile, Irish halberd,
gavelock, fluke,
Gungnir, Poitier shaft.

An Arrow

Arrow is also shaft,
point, white-shot,
Fenja and sleet-fall,
vane, whistling shot,
fletching, bale, bolt,
spike and Hremsa (clutch),
utility vane and piercer,
equipment and shafted weapon.
Flying fire, swift-flyer,
grass-stalk and lancet,
mention will be made of finder
and Gusi's smithing,
Jólf’s smithings there are,
but the last word is whizzer.

A Bow

Elm, arc, bow,
yew and double-wood,
switch, glaring and noisy,
honorable, scooped-clanger.
And I speak the names also
of all weapons collectively:
iron, shaft and striker,
steel and spear.

A Shield

Shield, the beset man’s hall,
protector, hall-binder,
bender, lee-edge8
and buckler,
hand-staff, targe,
wind-horse and shelter,
wide-pale, etched thing,
battle-blithe and linden.

8 – hlébarðr; also the word for leopard; see also verses 95, 98.

Resounding, dew-scraper
and gem-shelterer,
battle-light, stony
and battle-shelter,
cooled and board,
defiled, border,
little stern, beaky,
sheer, double boarded,
battler and roarer,
everlasting, shining,
ring, fair-dark,
carried, middle-protector.

A Helmet

I shall tell the terms for Hropt’s hood:

helmet, gold-pale,
cover, slaughter-rimy,
stone-rimy, hollowed
and shelterer,
life-protector, fine-looker
and eager-brown
Hildigöltr (battle-boar), casque,
battle-crest and warmer,
cowl, frightener,
shining, dome.

A Mailshirt

Byrnie, arriver, helmet-ringer,
sark and close,
cold one, Finnsleif (Finn's legacy),
fare-to-battle, hold-fast, hindrance9
and blood-toy.

9. Sýn is also a goddess’ name.