Sólarljóð – Songs of the Sun

61. I saw those men who much envy harbour at another’s fortune; bloody runes were on their breasts graved painfully.

62. I there saw men many not joyful; they were all wandering wild: this he earns, who by this world’s vices is infatuated.

63. I saw those men who had in various ways acquired other’s property: in shoals they went to Castle- covetous, and burthens bore of lead.

64. I saw those men who many had of life and property bereft: through the breasts of those men passed strong venomous serpents.

65. I saw those men who the holy days would not observe: their hands were on hot stones firmly nailed.

66. I saw those men who from pride valued themselves too highly; their garments ludicrously were in fire enveloped.

67. I saw those men who had many false words of others uttered: Hel’s ravens from their heads their eyes miserably tore.

68. All the horrors thou wilt not get to know which Hel’s inmates suffer. Pleasant sins end in painful penalties : pains ever follow pleasure.


69. I saw those men who had much given for God’s laws; pure lights were above their heads brightly burning.

70. I saw those men who from exalted mind helped the poor to aid: angels read holy books above their heads.

71. I saw those men who with much fasting had their bodies wasted: God’s angels bowed before them: that is the highest joy.

72. I saw those men who had put food into their mothers’ mouth: their couches were on the rays of heaven pleasantly placed.

73. Holy virgins had cleanly washed the souls from sin of tfibse men, who for a long time had themselves tormented.

74. Lofty cars I saw towards heaven going; they were on the way to God: men guided them who had been murdered wholly without crime.

75. Almighty Father! greatest Son! holy Spirit of heaven! Thee I pray, who hast us all created; free us all from miseries.

76. Biugvor and Listvor sit at Herdir’s doors, on resounding seat; iron gore falls from their nostrils, which kindles hate among men.

77. Odin’s wife rows in earth’s ship, eager after pleasures; her sails are reefed late, which on the ropes of desire are hung.

78. Son! I thy father and Solkatla’s sons have alone obtained for thee that horn of hart, which from the grave-mound bore the wise Vigdvalin.

79. Here are runes which have engraven Niord’s daughters nine, Radvor the eldest, and the youngest Kreppvor, and their seven sisters.

80. How much violence have they perpetrated Svaf and Svaflogi! bloodshed they have excited, and wounds have sucked, after an evil custom.