Hrafnagaldur Óðins – Odin’s Ravens’ Song

21. Ill they showed
it had fallen out,
their errand bootless,
little to glory in.
A lack of counsel
seemed likely,
how from the maiden they
might an answer get.

22. Omi answered;
“Night is the time
for new counsels;
till the morrow let reflect
each one competent
to give advice
helpful to the Æsir.”

23. Ran along the ways
of mother Rind,[18]
the desired repast
of Fenrisulf.[19]
Went from the guild,
bade the gods farewell
Hropt and Frigg,
as, before Hrimfaxi,

24. the son of Delling
urged on his horse
adorned with
precious jewels.
Over Mannheim shines
the horse’s mane,
the steed Dvalin’s deluder
drew in his chariot.

25. In the north boundary
of the spacious earth,
under the outmost root
of the noble tree,
went to their couches
Gygiar and Thursar,
spectres, dwarfs,
and Murk Alfs.

26. The powers rose,
the Alfs’ illuminator
northwards towards Niflheim[20]
chased the night.
Up Argjöll ran
Ulfrun´s son,
the mighty hornblower,
of heaven´s heights.

[18] Earth [19] All conjectures. Fenri seems confounded with Hati. See N.M. I. p. 5-7. [20]  That the poem lacks the end as well as the beginning appears probable from the circumstance that no further mention is made of Bragi and Idun. Simrock is inclined to think that in the Vegtamskviða we are to look for the ending; but this does not fill up the chasm.


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