Gróttasöngr – The Lay of Grotti, or The Mill-Song

16. Now are we come to a king’s house, unpitied both,
and in thraldom held; gravel gnaws our feet,
and above ’tis cold; a foe’s host we draw.
Sad ’tis at Frodi’s!

17. Hands must rest, the stone shall stand still;
for me I have my portion ground.
To hands will not rest be given,
until Frodi thinks enough is ground.

18. Hands shall hold falchions hard,
the weapon slaughter-gory.
Wake thou, Frodi! Wake thou, Frodi!
If thou wilt listen to our songs and sagas old.

19. Fire I see burning east of the burgh;
tidings of war are rife :
that should be a token;
a host will forthwith hither come,
and the town burn over the king.

20. Thou wilt not hold the throne of Lethra,
rings of red gold, or mighty mill-stone.
Let us ply the winch, girl! yet more rapidly:
are we not grown up in deadly slaughter?

21. My father’s daughter has stoutly ground,
because the fate of many men she saw.
Huge fragments spring from the mill-stone
into the Orneflord. Let us grind on!

22. Let us grind on! Yrsa’s son, Halfdan’s kinsman,
will avenge Frodi: he will of her be called son and brother:
we both know that.”

23. The maidens ground, their might applied;
the damsels were in Jotun-mood, the axes trembled;
the stone fell from above, the ponderous rock was in shivers split.

24. But the mountain- giants’ maiden said:
“Frodi! we have ground; together we cease.
the maidens have stood at the grinding long.”

21. This line as it stands in the original is, I believe, unintelligible; I therefore adopt Rask’s conjectural emendation, i Arnar fjörð, for ‘iarna fiarðar’, which is also followed by Petersen in his Danish version.


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