Völuspá by Lee M. Hollander

On unsown acres the ears will grow.
All ill grow better; will Baldr come then.
Both he and Hoth will in Hropt's hall dwell,
The war gods' fane: do ye wit more, or how?
Then will Hönir handle the blood-wands,
And Ygg's brothers' sons will forever dwell
In wide Wind-Home: do ye wit more, or how?
I see a hall than the sun more fair,
Thatched with red gold, which is Gimlé hight.
There will the gods all guiltless throne,
And live forever in ease and bliss.
Adown cometh to the doom of the world
The great godhead which governs all.
Comes the darksome dragon flying,
Níthhogg, upward from the Nitha fells;
He bears in his pinions as the plains he o'erflies,
Naked corpses: now he will sink.