Darraðarljóð – DARRA THARLIOTH – Het lied van de Walkuren .


Bloed regent uit het bewolkte web

Op het brede weefgetouw van de slacht.

Het web van de mens grijs als pantser

wordt nu geweven , de Walkuren

zullen het kruisen met een karmozijnrode inslag.


De schering is gemaakt van menselijke ingewanden;

Mensenhoofden worden gebruikt als hevelgewichten;

De hevelstaven zijn bloednatte speren;

De schachten zijn met ijzer gebonden en pijlen zijn de pendels.

Met zwaarden zullen we dit web van strijd weven.


De Walkuren gaan weven met getrokken zwaarden,

Hildr en Hjörþrimul,

Sangríðr en Svipul.

Speren zullen schilden versplinteren,

Zwaarden zullen als wolven door harnassen knagen.


Laten we nu het web van oorlog opwinden

Die de jonge koning ooit voerde.

Laten we vooruitgaan en door de rijen waden,

Waar vrienden van ons klappen uitwisselen.


Laten we nu het web van oorlog opwinden

En volg dan de koning ten strijde

Gunnr en Göndul kunnen daar zien

De met bloed bespatte schilden

die de koning bewaakten.


Laten we nu het web van oorlog opwinden

Waar de heilige banier naar voren smeedt

Laat zijn leven niet worden genomen;

Alleen de Walkuren kunnen

de verslagenen kiezen.


Landen zullen worden geregeerd door nieuwe volkeren

Die ooit afgelegen landtongen bewoonden. (Vikingen)

We spreken een grote koning uit

die voorbestemd is om te sterven; (Sigtrygg)

Nu wordt een graaf geveld door speren. (Brian Boru)


De mannen van Ierland zullen verdrietig zijn

Dat zal nooit vergeten worden in de hoofden van mensen.

Het web is nu geweven en het slagveld werd rood;

Het nieuws van een ramp

zal zich door landen verspreiden.


Het is nu vreselijk om rond te kijken

Zoals een bloedrode wolk de lucht verduistert.

De hemelen zijn besmeurd met het bloed van mensen,

Terwijl de Walkuren

hun lied zingen.


We zongen goed overwinningsliederen

Voor de jonge koning;

groet ons zingen!

Laat hem die naar ons Walkure lied luistert

Leer het goed en vertel het aan anderen.


Laten we onze paarden hard berijden

op blote ruggen, (zonder zadel)

Met zwaarden uit de schede,

weg van hier!

Vertaling Terryn Dave , 27/01/2021

Forgive my silence

Dear followers and readers, sorry for my apparent absence over the last weeks and months. I know I haven’t posted much but I have a good reason. I am currently working on my own book, my own translation of Hávamál, a kind of analysis and study guide to help people understand the Hávamál better. I started this two years ago and now it is gradually taking shape. I have decided to do this in my own language first, because the old texts are not often available in Dutch and the studies on this are almost non-existent. With this I hope to help people who do not really speak several languages ​​like our own language, so many interesting texts remain hidden from them. And since the website here now contains almost most of the texts referenced in the Eddas, I have decided to focus a little more on writing my book. Now I have already worked out a few pages that more or less have their almost final form. That is why I decided to translate it into English anyway, because most people worldwide can read this, while the number of Dutch-speaking people in the world is much smaller. So slowly I will translate the pages that are almost finished for you so that you can also give your opinion and that it might help others. Whether these pages will ever actually come to a printed book, only the higher powers know. But until the time that day comes, I still wanted to place it here. I will gradually add pages. Due to the massive volume of text I will probably also use a translation program every now and then to save time. If some text looks really strange, know that it is probably the translation software. Hopefully you can do something with this. Of course I need not say that nothing from these texts may be copied or posted anywhere without my written permission, Greetings Dave.

I will make a permanent tab on the menu page later, but for now I will just post the link here.

Is there a need to defend our lifestyle as a heathen or not ?

Lately i personaly start to feel like there is more need to defend our lifestyle as a heathen .I never had that feeling , i could liv with the tought that people hardly new anything about us then what the mainstream media shared about us . I could liv with the fact that nobody knew or even cared that modern heathenry was more then series and marvel movie showed on tv. I whas happy in our secluded world

But in the wake of the happening at the white house , it seems like we are forced to take more of a stand now then ever before, done with silence , tranquility and any mystic . No longer letting others claim that they know what a heathen is or should be . Im done with people seeing modern heathens as only people who dream of beeing a viking or larp as one .

I have no problem with people who love and practise larp , but the ones that claim heathenry is just that ! If you wanne be or play a viking , go ahead , its a free world but stop claiming you are a heathen because of you are doing just that !

Im done with idiots , morrons ,fascists and extremist claiming the ancient symbols as there own .

If you hate another person it is your right to do so , substantiated or not , i dont care with one single fiber in my body . But do not claim you are a heathen or that these symbols belong to you or your movement of not knowing where they belong . If you would be a true heathen you would know the gods hate you for beeing so honorless .

Have the cleverness en mind to create something of your own for symbols but do not use sacred symbols of the past as your own tool . It make you just look like an arse , even more then you do already . Dont claim to be the rightfull habitant of a country and against foreign people and there symbols when you are infact , a foreigner in that country, the dirty immigrant that you like to get rid of, where your ancestors came as a foreigner and you are using symbols that do belong to another foreign group .You have no lineage with anyone so do not claim others peoples symbols when you have no intellect to get your own .

You are the person that perhaps some of your ancestors died to get rid of , you are the stain on there lineage , you are the blame on and the pollution of there legacy . You will be forgotten or rememberd as the bloodline pollution , you are the skidmarks on there name .

At some level i hope you are a heathen in a way , then the gods will be able to judge you as the person you are and let me tell you , it will not be a fun ride in the afterlife .

Because of low life , worldstrange ,inbred people like you , we the genuine heathen people and communitys in all the parts of the world, have to defend our sacred symbols and customs against anyone that has seen your stupid actions .

Im not expecting that some of the no brainers who should read this , actualy gone read this because of there limited brain capacity , but i needed to vent .

End vent , i wish a great week to all of you , unless you are one of the idiots i mentioned , then i hopeand pray the gods trow all the miserie of the world ontop of you .

Heathen , what does it mean ? Not just one race nor religion .

So you probably heard of the term heathen , seen a print or something with that word written on it .Since it is pretty popular these days to wear or use something with heathen on it , you must have . But many people dont know what it truly means or stands for . Some presume heathens are just one type of people with one unified religion but in fact heathenry is so mutch more and is the oldest form of religion in the world . If you search for the exact meaning of the term heathen you will find a few terms ;

Old English hǣthen,of Germanic origin; 
related to Dutch heiden and German Heide; 
generally regarded as a specifically Christian use 
of a Germanic adjective meaning 
‘inhabiting open country’, 
from the base of heath.


Of people or their way of life, activities, and ideas 
having no religion, 
or belonging to a religion that is not 
Christianity, Judaism, or Islam .


A person who does not belong to a widely held religion  
especially one who is not a Christian, Jew, or Muslim) 
as regarded by those who do.

or sometimes you get just crap lol .

An uncivilized , irreligious , barbaric , rude ,  
uncivilized, uncultivated, savage or wild person .

Heathen , pagan

People often tend to confuse Paganism and Heathenism.

Paganism ;Pagan is derived from the Late Latin paganus, which was used at the end of the Roman Empire to name those who practiced a religion other than Christianity, Judaism, or Islam. Early Christians often used the term to refer to non-Christians who worshiped multiple deities. In Latin, paganus originally meant “country dweller” or “civilian;” it is believed that the word’s religious meanings developed either from the enduring non-Christian religious practices of those who lived far from the Roman cities where Christianity was more quickly adopted, or from the fact that early Christians referred to themselves as “soldiers of Christ,” making nonbelievers “civilians.” Paganism is an wide umbrella term for many polytheistic non-Abrahamic religions.

The definition and etymology of heathen overlap with those of pagan: both words denote “an unconverted member of a people or nation that does not acknowledge the God of the Bible,” and heathen, like pagan, is believed to have come from the term for a country inhabitant, or in this case, a “heath dweller.” Whereas a heathen is one who practices the pre-Christian religion of the ancient Germanic people. They worship the Germanic and Norse gods and goddess.

Both words have developed broader and pejorative meanings over time, with pagan being used to mean “an irreligious or hedonistic person” and heathen “uncivilized” or “strange,” but their original meanings are still in use.

So there you have it , the simple explanation with some basic info , now lets get to the wider picture .

The term heathen or pagan whas given during and after the Christianization of Europe , before that , the term heathen or pagan whas presumable not known or used . Many people consider modern heathens as one unified folk with one religion on a global scale like the 3 big religions mentioned in the introtext .But heathenry is so mutch more ! Its only when you start looking more deeply that you see how far the term heathen goes . What most , if not all , heathens have in common is that we have a polytheistic ( the belief in more than one god ) religion instead of a monotheistic

One way to look at it is ; Polytheism recognises the diversity in mankind and provides for different temperaments and liking. Monotheism is way less tolerant and requires its followers to forgo their belief in any other symbol of belief than their own.

Like you can see there are multiple type of theism . A short comparison ;

  • Atheism is of course a lack of belief in any gods.
  • Monotheism is the belief in one god. A narrower definition of monotheism is the belief in the existence of only one god that created the world, is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient, and intervenes in the world.
  • Polytheism is the worship of or belief in multiple deities, which are usually assembled into a pantheon of gods and goddesses.
  • Pantheism means people believe all is god

In the ancient times there where far more polytheistic religions then in the modern days .

Great examples of major ancient polytheists societys are ,

Egyptian , Roman , Greek and other, in the Bronze Age to Classical Antiquity (between the 8th century BC and the 6th century AD )

And Norse , Germanic , Celtic , Baltic , Slavic and other in the Late Antiquity ( 235 to 750 AD ) to High Middle Ages. (1000 to 1250 AD)

To make things even more complicated ,between the polytheists there are also differences .

Polytheists do not always worship all the gods equally, but they can be henotheists, (specializing in the worship of one particular deity ). Or polytheists can be kathenotheists, ( worshiping different deities at different times).

A central, main division in modern polytheistic practices is between soft polytheism and hard polytheism .

“Hard” polytheism is the belief that gods are distinct, separate, real divine beings, rather than psychological archetypes or personifications of natural forces. Hard polytheists reject the idea that “all gods are one god.” “Hard” polytheists do not necessarily consider the gods of all cultures as being equally real, a theological position formally known as integrational polytheism or omnism. For hard polytheists, gods are individual and not only different names for the same being. Heathens are mostly hard polytheists, besides the major gods spoken of in the lore, there are also local gods, ancestral spirits, and various sorts of wights. For us heathens reading and understanding one’s heritage is very important, this is why there is such a heavy emphasis placed on reading the sagas. Heathens take our religion very seriously.

This is often contrasted with “soft” polytheism, which holds that different gods may be aspects of only one god, that the pantheons of other cultures are representative of one single pantheon, psychological archetypes or personifications of natural forces. In this way, gods may be interchangeable for one another across cultures

So far you can see why we heathens might look as one but also differ a lot .

One thing we all have in common is that even when they used the word/term heathen as a mocking word , it is now a word/term we are very proud off .

Still following lol ?

Ok , lets keep going .

Wile some heathens prefer to confess there religion in solitary , others tend to live and confess in community’s . And you know what ? Its all good . Nobody will judge you for it or condemn you. Nor are they any strict obligations like going to church on a determend time . Some heathens have ceremonys in there community , some prefer there prayers and rituals at home in solitude or with famely , other may go into nature . You can contact he gods on any given time and place . There are some rituals that need to be done in specific time if you like to do them but i will be telling more about this in a following post .

There is no higher order that tells us what we must do . We follow the path the gods have set out . And we all answer to the gods eventualy for the things we have done in our lifetime . They also call the heathen path or faith a religion with homework . Nobody is chewing for you or just rambling what is good or not . We have the web of wyrd , what we do in this life will reflect in the afterlife , there is no forgiveness nor sin .So how your afterlife will be is completly in your hands . When you choose a life of crime and dishonor , you will pay the bill when you die , live a life that is honorable and fruitfull you will reap the rewards when you die .

So you see there is not a real designated path , so eatch heathen , tribe or community can be following there path in a different manner . So saying all heathens are the same or one seems less logic now .

Then when you think that all ancient fractions had different panteons or names for the gods things can really get hard ,

I will list all the major pantheons and deity’s in a future part of this post in the coming weeks but for now i will let you take some time , to let it all sink in ,when this is the first time you really look in the term heathen it can be overwelming all this info at once , but i hope you have a wider vision on heathens and that we are not to be placed in one simple word or category .

Hope you follow this next weeks , stay safe and stay truly .

Greetings Dave ,

To vax or not to vax , thats the question !!!!

I get alot of questions on where i stand about the vaccine campaigns that are being started on a global scale these days . Whether i will do it or not and where i stand about them and how to react to the 2 sides vaxxers or anti-vaxxers from a heathen point of view . There are hundreds of discussions on the subject at hand these days around the world . I have seen and taken active part in some and could find good and not so good arguments from others . And some rather fucked up opinions also .

Both sides have valid arguments and both sides have there share of nutjobs commenting about it .

So where do i stand as a person and from “the heathen” point of view ?

I actually still dont know sure , there is not mutch to say about it in a simple heathen opinion or view .There are some things you can translate to a heathen world view but there is above all , the human view !

But what i do know is that if i follow my guts at the moment , i will be at the waiting side of the matter for now for reasons i will state below .

I can and will not speak for the large majority of the heathens , how can i do that if there are perhaps millions of us globaly , all with different views and opinions on matters , so i can just talk about my encounters with the ones ive know and the most heathens i know are all capable of thinking for themselves since it is something that we proud ourselves upon . We are not mainstream or the kind that follows lightly/easely . We are not the sheep kind of people . Even the writings in the edda’s encourage us to question everyone , everything and anything , not to follow but seek wisdom on all things . Do not take anything for reality or truth because another says it is , i for one do not even trust the eddas for a 100% since its written by a Christian decades after everything , even if his ancestors where 100% heathen i still believe he could not be 100% true and honest being a Christian . So thats how far i trust everything . Yeah i know i have issues lol

So with this said , this is where i stand . And this is my personal opinion and view and how i get to the conclusion of waiting for now .

Things feel to forced wright now , the pressure that the covid virus has unleashed on the human kind and society is enormous , whether its on the economic ,health , social or personal side . We all have bin impacted by it on one side of the other . And all of us hope that this mess is gone get sorted out sooner or later . But what looked liked it could control our lives for years has suddenly has a dozen miracle cures ( or what seem to be ) .

I do believe that there are thousands of well educated and skilled people in the world working hard to find the solution, but i also know that for every well meaning person there is one that only thinks about making money and profit . What tickles me is that when a solution looked to be far away for the problem , the moment one research lab found a possible “cure” , all the rest found one also within a few weeks without working togheter. Damn , if everyting would go so fast , how can it still be that there are people dying from hunger ,cancers and any other fucked up disease globaly . So this is why i feel like everything is rushed and a half baked solution for now.

The fact is , there is money and “prestige” to be gained .

Every lab / researcher wants to be the first one to have find the solution ,

Every country wants to be the one to claim they have it first,

Every secretary or minister of health wants to be the one that got his people the cure ,

So thats why i find it suspicious that when it normaly takes aprox a century to get medications tested and approved , now it is done in a few months because there is a global need for it . The world needs it ,even craves it . What i also find strange is that there are no seasonal illnesses this year , did they just vanish ? Also nobody dies of old age anymore or strokes or whatever , everybody dies from covid 19 . Some say the covid crisis is made up to control the mass , i dont believe that , i have seen what it does first hand and its a true bitch but wile i dont think its made up it sure is a handy reason to force things to be done upon people because of the pressure .

Some events in history also had occasions that people approved some shady or drastic measures because the world or events at that time demanded it . And alot of people at that moment where pro or contra . Time proved what whas wright and what whas not .

For every valid argument pro or contra there is a counter argument .

A few of the arguments and / or questions i personaly recieved when i say i want to wait to get vaccinated ;

Dont you love your fellow humans or elders as a heathen ?

Yes, i do but there is also the rule used in any emergency on a global scale , whether is paramedic , firefighters or military . Own safety first , if you dont look for your own safety first you can be laying next to the victim and makes you useless in that case and . So if there is in time a proven fault with the vaccinations , what is a possibility since nothing got really tested like it should . Who will be left to help or manage the daily stuff or protect the remaining population if the given solutions turn out to be false or wrong ?

Dont you wanne protect the weaker in the society as a heathen?

Yes offcourse , if you know any heathens at all ,you would know we are very dedicated on protecting our kin and loved ones , most ( if not all ) would die to protect them without any hesitation or second tought . But again , without proof that all the offerd cure’s work at the moment, blindly believing feels like to mutch of a gamble and sort of makes room to be weakend as a society .

Are you willing to sacrifice people by not getting vaccinated when you claim to be about protecing your kin or loved ones ?

Not by choice i would , but for us , dead is a big part of life , there are only 2 things certain in life . You get born and you will die . All in between is up to the gods and known by the norns. How you handle it is up to you .The moment you realise that it always have bin like that and it always will be , the easyer life gets . So by not vaccinating at the time you are not “sacrificing” anyone , you just experiencing life and place some sort of trust in the gods and norns. So trying to give people a feeling of guilt may not be the correct way to encourage them at all .

Do you want to die from the virus ?

Sarcasm on / Ooow yes , offcourse i do ,we all dream of a glorious death and does that not sound so glorious !!!! sarcasm off/ .

You must be joking when asking this question . Why do people sometimes think we long for death as a heathen? I think we have the tv shows to blame/thank for that .The moment people know you are a heathen they start seeing you a the barbaric hordes from tv . The only thing we have with death is the acceptance that that day will come , when we do not know ,but we do not fear it nor long for it either. The only thing we can do untill that day is to leave a good impression on the people who crossed our paths wile living. So we can be rememberd in a good way ,no books wil be written about most of us but if the people that crossed your path remember you as a good , strong , honorable , thrue or honest man for a few generations then i would say your life goal has bin fulfilled . So i am not planning on dying from that virus no . The simple thing is , i never ever bin sick since i whas a child , nobody in my famely has some recollection of sutch an event in the past , my wife has had covid 19 . We decided to have our kids seperated from her for safety but i never considerd about “sentencing” my wife to solitude when it whas already so hard on her by not beeing able to hug and kiss her kids . So we had dinners and slept togheter like there whas nothing going on ( sort off ). By desinfecting the things she used we tryd to counter the risc for the kids , Ive rather be sick then to put her true that , that whas my choice . I asked Eir for support and took care of my famely like any man would do . I did not get sick and whas tested negative , so what whas it ? Eir protecting me ? Could be . But most plausible answer would be i just dont get sick easely seeing prior history . So why would i need a vaccine against something my body seems to resist in a natural way ( for now ) .If you are in the same situation and dont get sick often , you still have time to decide and see where the vaccines are going .

These are the most recurring questions i get about the heathen point of view.

Some of the counter arguments are valid , some trully far fetched or downright fucked up .

To sum a few up also .

I am scared or unsure about the vaccines.

I can understand that a 100% , people who think for themselves will have read about the pro’s and the cons upon the matter at this time . If you feel unsure , wait for the time beeing , there is no rush , dispite of what others may try to say . Listen to your inner self , you made it this far by doing so , so why rush now .Courage can come in many ways .

The covid virus is a hoax and does not exist .

You must be living under a rock or have to be ignorant on the current world my friend , i fully agree that not everything is covid related like it seems or they want you to see but the virus is real and nasty . But i also think things are exaggerated because of the opportunities it brings . But it does exist and needs to be dealt with .

The vaccines are made to control and track the masses .

I am sorry but you truly need a tin foil hat and need to move to somewhere underground for your own mental health and that of others . In these modern days nothing is truly hidden or safe , you cant even piss against something at night without beeing seen or filmed , how would something like this get hidden from the world when thousands of people are working on it , nothing is safe anymore , you can argue that the concentration camps in ww2 where a big secret known by thousands untill the allies stumbled upon it . But those where other times , with the internet all is available to everyone , a secret is not so secret for a long time these days , its always bound to come out or be leaked if so many people are involved . Its not like they have all the people working or knowing on the vaccines locked up in a huge underground facility on every continent .

The Hávamál has a line on what happens if to many know of a secret ;

 Each man who is wise and would wise be called 
 must ask and answer aright. 
 Let one know thy secret, but never a second, 
 if three a thousand shall know.

 Hávamál 63

So how could thousands of people keep this a secret these days ?

The vaccines contain nano tech !

To what use ? Nobody cares about what you do , own or think , wel perhaps they do but they already know how to do that . So what would be the point of giving every in the world an injection with nano tech in it ? What more can they gain on info with nano tech ? Again with the internet and modern tech , goverments have acces to anything you do or own so there is no more need to fund a global nano troyan horse injection . If your argument is that it is to track you all over the world ,then i would suggest in giving your mobile phone a good look because every app you have installed does that already . Give this one a good tought and then make up your mind my friend . The only thing that no one has acces to ; is your mind and toughts , you are still free to think what you want , whether you can say them is another mather . But the only mind control there is , is following another ones opinion without actually thinking for yourself , some of you call the people who blatantly follow what the goverment tells on the virus and what to do sheeps , wile you also act like parrots for the other side , make up your own mind and follow your guts . No one wil force a chip in your blood or body . If you wanne be taken serious and listened to , stop using this as an argument against the vaccine.

So after this long text you can see that this “to vaxx or not to vaxx ” question actually has nothing to do with being a heathen or not but everything with being human and what your guts and/or mind says . If you find any legit reason why you would or why you dont need the vaccine then you have to listen to your gut and mind , ask councel to the gods if you like , they do listen ,to help you decide . But dont go pointing fingers on others why or why not they decide to get the vaccine . Afterall , we all have free will . Dont follow just to belong in a camp or to support the ones that shout the hardest . Decide for yourself my friends and stick with your decision . And remember , heathens are not sheep or one race , we are the few , we are the many in some sort of way .

And if you are one of the people who would force the vaccine upon people or punish other for not taking the vaccine in any way , make sure that you never get in the same situation that something would be forced upon you .Remember also that when you should decide to force or punish in some sort of way the people who did not get vaccinated , remember that when things goes tits up and the vaccines turn out to be bad ,there will be a score to settle .

And that , i can say for most heathens , most heathens will repay blood with blood when something happens to our loved ones, with interest . My wife will also be with the first who will get the vaccine in our country, not knowing yet if its mandatory or not . If she decides for her own and go ahead with vaccination and things turn out bad , perhaps i will take peace in the fact that she decided for her own in free will. If it would be a forced or semi forced decision then i will search for the responsible ones and repay the debt with interest . So dont reflect your fear and force others to take it if you are not willing to be around to face to bill afterwords.

So to conclude , the answer on the topic :

There is no final universal answer to the question as ” a heathen” , whether you get it or not is up to you .But you can aproach it as a heathen . Inform yourself on good sources , take everything into account , and make your decision according to that .

I hope you found some use in this article and wish you and your kin a healthy and safe 2021 .

With high regards , Dave

Happy New year

I wish you all a happy new year , i hope it will be a better year then the one we just closed .

I hope the Gods will grant you all ; lots of work , love , money but above all that , i wish you and your loved ones a good health . May 2021 be the year your biggest wishes come to life .

Bless you all , Dave

Yul blessings and a look back .

My dear friends ,

Now that year is coming to its end , its time to have a short look back on things .And what a year it whas !! It whas a year to be written in the history books and to be forgotten fast at the same time . It whas a year that has shown the worst and best of the human race with ups and downs . Everybodys lives where tossed around in one way or another . Sometimes good and sometimes bad . Sometimes it looked that the Gods have bin testing everybodys patience this year and that Loki whas controlling things this years events . I really hope and wish that you and your kindred got thru this year with minor problems and that now that the end of the year is closing in fast , you can look back at this year as a not so bad afterall and found many things to be gratefull for to .

I am gratefull for a few things . First and foremost i am thankfull that with all the bullshit that happend this year , me ,and my famely where spared from huge harm or grieve . The virus did get very close when my wife whas infected . But i am thankfull that the Gods protected the rest of our home and that Eir watched over my wife .

I am also gratefull for the people who helped us when we where locked up in quarantine by bringing us the things we needed . I hope i can repay this one day .

I am gratefull for you all , the people who visit the site in search of knowledge or answers , You who send me questions or just wanne talk . You who helped me to find the answers on things i also searched knowledge on . I hope i can keep helping you in some way when you need it .And that we can keep helping , teaching and supporting eatchother .

I have seen also alot of things to admire this year , the strenght in some people is remarkable . This year has tested there courage and patience beyond believe . Business owners of all sorts have felt the huge pressure on there shoulders when the where forced to close down there means of income without any certainty on the future . Healthcare workers had to put there own and sometimes there famely’s lives on hold to care for the weak and sick . Many people where cut off from alot of social interactions and in some way forced to solitude . But as always ,people find ways to coop and deal with the trouble at hand . There are alot of more things i admired this year but to put them all here would make this a hefty text .

With all of this said and written , i just wanne thank you all , all the people i wrote about in the lines above and the , without doubt , many people i did not mention . For what you are or did . I hope you all find love and tranquility in the year to come . May the Gods watch over you and your kindred and bless eatch and every one of us .

For the first time ever i will post my newyears wishes and blessing here on the site

Wishes for the next year to come ,

May Odin ,the allfather, 
help you in finding answers and knowledge 
on the things you seek and guide you on your travels ,

May Frigg , the allmother , 
watch over you with her love and bless us in love , 
marriage and parenting .

May Thor protect you and your famely in every way possible ,

May Baldr lets you see the goodness and purity in life 
and keep the impurity out of it ,

May Freya grant you love and fertility ,
and let you see the beauty of life and love ,

May Frey make it a virile year in any way you want it to be , 
whether it is on the field , 
business or in the womb ,

May Tyr stand beside you in time of need 
and grant you courage whenever time demands ,

May Njord bring you wealth and prosperity 
and keep the waves on your path in life calm and smooth ,

May Eir protect or cure you from ill or grieve ,

May Heimdallr warn 
and protect you about dangers on your path before you reach it ,

May Mimirs wisdom and knowledge be with you ,

May Loki keep from tricking you but give you joy 
and laughter in the year to come ,

May the norns spun your web favorable ,
may your honor , oath and word never be broken ,
And may the runes always be cast in your favor .

A blessed Yul , merry christmas and a happy newyear to you all ,

warm greetings , Dave a.k.a the honest heathen

The good and bad sides of a having the website .

Hey everybody , my little website is growing and getting more visits everyday and i am very happy and thankfull for that , truly , when i created these simple webpages the intend whas helping fellow heathens from around the world getting acces to the old texts that are scatterd around the net , somethimes hidden in layers of subs , sometimes unformated and unedited and not easely readable without cracking your head ten times first . I never pictured getting a few hundred visitors a day . Original it whas actually a way for me to save some time eatch day . I am trying to share my humble knowings since about 10 years now as a mentor/guide .

This has always bin in a loose , unformal and unforced way , i like it better that way since i am absolutly no expert or proffesor on all of the content on the website and never claimed i whas either . I just know my way in finding the correct answer to questions most of the time .Just a way of passing knowledge from one heathen to another , helping eatchother out . I learn new things eatch day from other members around the globe and i love it . The mails i get from all of you gives me a happy feeling .

The intend of these webpages are actually the same , not formal or forced , while i try to make not many typo’s i bet there are a ton of them in what i write and post , i simply do not care that mutch, i have no intend on having i dont know how many digits of hits on the webpages nor getting publisht or hyped in any sort of way .The intend is still the same like when i talk to people , may it be personal ,email , messenger or any other medium we talk about . Its from on person to another , see it like talking to a friend . This way i perhaps reach and help more people . Still i have no intend on being a hyped blogger or well known person . The content of the pages are not for the big masses or the people who join a hype , its for you , the ones who like to see further then the hype’s , if you are looking for the old texts you must be pretty devoted .

So with all that said , in the last few days i have gotten alot of messages from people of all sort not interrested in the actual content of the pages . People who like to get me more hits , higher place in the search rankings , more advertise options and so on .

Let me be straight and clear on that , no i dont need to generate money from these pages , I happely pay for this website with my own money and No i dont want people to get ads pusht in there troats wile searching for info . No i dont want to be seen i the first pages of browsers .Neighter do i want to have a generic boosted liked page where i get 50 K likes or followers for x amount of money .

Its my opinion that the correct people will eventually find these pages and perhaps find that its a helpfull place . Perhaps they even share it among others and over time and it can help many others .

I am sure it could generate some revenue from visitors and would make me to brake even on the website cost , but you are not doing it from the kindness of your heart to send me these messages , but only for your own gains lol and i can understand that since we all have to make a living . But honestly , 180€ /year is not that mutch to guide and help a few people find what they need and even if it is 1 person . That makes it all worthwile . So please stop wasting both our times by sending those type of mails . I hate advertising on website’s and will never place them here , exempt perhaps a tab with the website and store’s from visitors if its related to the context of the pages . If the time ever comes that i need help to pay for these pages i will perhaps do what visitors have suggested and make a donation tab but this pages will never be a page filled with crap advertising that has nothing related to us heathens .

So thanks but no thanks .

New menu added – runes

Today i added a new menu tab on the website , info about the runes .

The most well known and used part of our faith .

Used for almost anything , from movies and games to furniture and clothing .

They still mark alot of the landscape as of today and still remain a mystery for most modern people

In the coming days i will add the runes sets pages links in the text also , see this page as the intro and general information about the rune sets .

I tried to cover as mutch as possible on the subject as i can and know, but like you should know , the runes are not an easy subject at all . So these pages will get bigger and even more evolved then what its now to start with . But its a subject i get alot of questions and mails for so i wanted to add this as a starter . The study of the runes can keep you busy a lifetime and still feel like you know nothing .

By all means i am not stating that i am a rune master or expert . Just my humble opnion and views on the matter , i added links and sources where i could .

It goes from the beginning – where we got them from – to use and abuse troughout history .

I know that this is a controversial part – the abuse – but we got to be honest about it so people who would like to learn about the runes and there usage should know not all people used these like we do and tryd to give them another meaning . Its just a matter of time when you learn or search upon the runes you will encounter these darker meanings .

And like with anything on the website , if you should see an error or not agree with something . Send me a message on the well known mail .

I hope you enjoy the pages and the ride .

The return to almost normal .

I know its bin a long time since ive added new material and i apologize for that .Ive recieved a alot of messages if i would add new content soon .

Since the start of the covid 19 crisis worldwide all of our life’s have bin interrupted and shuffles hard . As a father of 2 young children ive had to choose my time spending carefully .

Suddenly we where faced with work and alot of abcent people cause of sickness , homeschooling the kids and alot more .

We planned to take a roadtrip during the vacation true Denmark – Sweden – Norway and visiting alot of old and sacred places along with other places on the road . I am a metal fan and summer is festival time , i finally convinced the wife to come along with me to Midgardblot with the whole famely , it would be a 3 day stop on our roadtrip to .Well like you can imagine , none of it happend . But there is always next time if the Gods are willing . No point in looking back and feel sorry for what did not happen

So ive had to scale back on time working on the website .

Im very sorry for that , truly .

But now things start to look better again , the long vacation seems to end .

The schools are about to restart , social life seems to pick up again .

I hope you and your famelys have bin well during the crisis and that the Gods have kept you all safe from great harm . Looks like we can go back to a semy normal life , its not quite te same as prior the covid19 crisis but its something at least .

Keep safe and feel free to send your messages .

A thank you .

Perhaps i did not say this yet , but thank you for visiting and your imput about the blog/website .

I whas very curious if people would find this webpage/blog usefull at all . The message’s and idea’s on how to improve some things you send me tell me it is and for that i am very thankfull for that . I did not expect that so many people would visit it , but now i see people from all over the world visiting and sending me message’s . If you visit the blog/website , it means we have something in common . I also did not expect that the blog would be found so fast but seems like a few persons shared it and that got things rollin .I am gratefull for that and i am still working hard to add the basics online , i hope to get them all done in the coming weeks ( if the current situation allows me offcourse ) .

For people who also have a blog or website on Heathen topics , it doesn’t have to be norse , any branch of heathenism is fine by me , give me a message and i will add your link . And if you create anything heathen related and sell it somewhere over the www, i will happely add a link to your store to for free .I do not promise you tons of traffic in the beginning but all bits can help and after all its free , so nothing to lose . Again thank you all for your imput and keep sending me your toughts and idea’s , it is very appriciated . If i dont answer you fast , no worries , its just life screwing our time up . kids , my wife is a nurse and i am a butcher so no time for the wicked lol . But i will get back to you asap . Have a great day everybody and stay safe .

Work on the The Volsunga Saga is finished .

Every part of The Volsunga Saga is now added to the menu .

The Völsunga saga (often referred to in English as the Volsunga Saga or Saga of the Völsungs) is a legendary saga, a late 13th century poetic rendition in the Icelandic language of the origin and decline of the Völsung clan (including the story of Sigurd and Brynhild and destruction of the Burgundians).

The saga covers themes including the power struggles among Sigurd’s ancestors; Sigurd’s killing of the dragon Fafnir; and the influence of the cursed ring Andvaranaut.

Richard Wagner used the Volsunga sagas as an inspiration in Der Ring des Nibelungen .

But the most known part of this play must be this ; Ride of the Valkyries .

This has bin used by almost every media possible , movie’s , serie’s and so on …….And most people dont know this is based on a Heathen saga . The most legendary use of this song is in the movie Apocalypse now .

The Ride Of The Valkyries” is the popular term for the prelude to Act III of Die Walküre, the second of the four operas by German composer Richard Wagner that comprise The Ring of the Nibelungs (German Der Ring des Nibelungen). The Ring of the Nibelungs is a sequence of four musical dramas based on the Norse saga, which concerns the turbulent family history of a race of gods and their pursuit of a magical golden ring. It began as a single opera focusing on the death of Siegfried but grew into a vast cycle of four operas comprising Das Rheingold (The Rhine Gold), Die Walküre (The Valkyrie), Siegfried and Die Gotterdammerung (The Twilight of the Gods).

Added Volsunga Saga

In the last 3 days i whas working and adding the volsunga saga , all pages are placed in order and added previous and next page buttons . Needs a few more extra’s . Removed the drop down pages from the saga since there are to many chapters and would create to mutch clutter in the drop down menu . If you see any errors i would be thankfull if you point them out .

You can find it here .

New pages of Poetic Edda added

Today again not really any new blog posts , still working on adding the Poetic Edda for later references in blog posts . The blog got a bit sooner shared /exposed then i expected lol . But the pages of the Poetic and Proze Edda’s will proof there use later on when i am ready with creating all the pages . All the pages that are posted(publisht ) are for 99% ready , where there are bold letters , that means i will add that link and page in the coming week . If you should see an error i would be gratefull if you could point it to me . And wile your here , stick around , we can perhaps help eatchother .

Today i added ;

Smaller adjustments ;

Added sub menu’s for the poetic edda since it became a very long drop down list . Things should be better looking also now .

I sub devided in ;

  • In Codex Regius
  • Not in Codex Regius
  • Lays of the Heroes
  • The Niflung Cycle