Yul blessings and a look back .

My dear friends ,

Now that year is coming to its end , its time to have a short look back on things .And what a year it whas !! It whas a year to be written in the history books and to be forgotten fast at the same time . It whas a year that has shown the worst and best of the human race with ups and downs . Everybodys lives where tossed around in one way or another . Sometimes good and sometimes bad . Sometimes it looked that the Gods have bin testing everybodys patience this year and that Loki whas controlling things this years events . I really hope and wish that you and your kindred got thru this year with minor problems and that now that the end of the year is closing in fast , you can look back at this year as a not so bad afterall and found many things to be gratefull for to .

I am gratefull for a few things . First and foremost i am thankfull that with all the bullshit that happend this year , me ,and my famely where spared from huge harm or grieve . The virus did get very close when my wife whas infected . But i am thankfull that the Gods protected the rest of our home and that Eir watched over my wife .

I am also gratefull for the people who helped us when we where locked up in quarantine by bringing us the things we needed . I hope i can repay this one day .

I am gratefull for you all , the people who visit the site in search of knowledge or answers , You who send me questions or just wanne talk . You who helped me to find the answers on things i also searched knowledge on . I hope i can keep helping you in some way when you need it .And that we can keep helping , teaching and supporting eatchother .

I have seen also alot of things to admire this year , the strenght in some people is remarkable . This year has tested there courage and patience beyond believe . Business owners of all sorts have felt the huge pressure on there shoulders when the where forced to close down there means of income without any certainty on the future . Healthcare workers had to put there own and sometimes there famely’s lives on hold to care for the weak and sick . Many people where cut off from alot of social interactions and in some way forced to solitude . But as always ,people find ways to coop and deal with the trouble at hand . There are alot of more things i admired this year but to put them all here would make this a hefty text .

With all of this said and written , i just wanne thank you all , all the people i wrote about in the lines above and the , without doubt , many people i did not mention . For what you are or did . I hope you all find love and tranquility in the year to come . May the Gods watch over you and your kindred and bless eatch and every one of us .

For the first time ever i will post my newyears wishes and blessing here on the site

Wishes for the next year to come ,

May Odin ,the allfather, 
help you in finding answers and knowledge 
on the things you seek and guide you on your travels ,

May Frigg , the allmother , 
watch over you with her love and bless us in love , 
marriage and parenting .

May Thor protect you and your famely in every way possible ,

May Baldr lets you see the goodness and purity in life 
and keep the impurity out of it ,

May Freya grant you love and fertility ,
and let you see the beauty of life and love ,

May Frey make it a virile year in any way you want it to be , 
whether it is on the field , 
business or in the womb ,

May Tyr stand beside you in time of need 
and grant you courage whenever time demands ,

May Njord bring you wealth and prosperity 
and keep the waves on your path in life calm and smooth ,

May Eir protect or cure you from ill or grieve ,

May Heimdallr warn 
and protect you about dangers on your path before you reach it ,

May Mimirs wisdom and knowledge be with you ,

May Loki keep from tricking you but give you joy 
and laughter in the year to come ,

May the norns spun your web favorable ,
may your honor , oath and word never be broken ,
And may the runes always be cast in your favor .

A blessed Yul , merry christmas and a happy newyear to you all ,

warm greetings , Dave a.k.a the honest heathen

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