The return to almost normal .

I know its bin a long time since ive added new material and i apologize for that .Ive recieved a alot of messages if i would add new content soon .

Since the start of the covid 19 crisis worldwide all of our life’s have bin interrupted and shuffles hard . As a father of 2 young children ive had to choose my time spending carefully .

Suddenly we where faced with work and alot of abcent people cause of sickness , homeschooling the kids and alot more .

We planned to take a roadtrip during the vacation true Denmark – Sweden – Norway and visiting alot of old and sacred places along with other places on the road . I am a metal fan and summer is festival time , i finally convinced the wife to come along with me to Midgardblot with the whole famely , it would be a 3 day stop on our roadtrip to .Well like you can imagine , none of it happend . But there is always next time if the Gods are willing . No point in looking back and feel sorry for what did not happen

So ive had to scale back on time working on the website .

Im very sorry for that , truly .

But now things start to look better again , the long vacation seems to end .

The schools are about to restart , social life seems to pick up again .

I hope you and your famelys have bin well during the crisis and that the Gods have kept you all safe from great harm . Looks like we can go back to a semy normal life , its not quite te same as prior the covid19 crisis but its something at least .

Keep safe and feel free to send your messages .

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