Searching for people who create items related to Heathenry and wanne promote there own work.

If you build anything for Heathens or Heathen related and have an etsy shop or something like that i would be happy to share your link for others to see and find , there will be a section added later on with only that . Products from Heathens for Heathens . And no , i dont need anything for it . Just trying to help others . You can find my contact info under well ….. contact info .

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Added Volsunga Saga

In the last 3 days i whas working and adding the volsunga saga , all pages are placed in order and added previous and next page buttons . Needs a few more extra’s . Removed the drop down pages from the saga since there are to many chapters and would create to mutch clutter in the drop down menu . If you see any errors i would be thankfull if you point them out .

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New pages of Poetic Edda added

Today again not really any new blog posts , still working on adding the Poetic Edda for later references in blog posts . The blog got a bit sooner shared /exposed then i expected lol . But the pages of the Poetic and Proze Edda’s will proof there use later on when i am ready with creating all the pages . All the pages that are posted(publisht ) are for 99% ready , where there are bold letters , that means i will add that link and page in the coming week . If you should see an error i would be gratefull if you could point it to me . And wile your here , stick around , we can perhaps help eatchother .

Today i added ;

Smaller adjustments ;

Added sub menu’s for the poetic edda since it became a very long drop down list . Things should be better looking also now .

I sub devided in ;

  • In Codex Regius
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  • Lays of the Heroes
  • The Niflung Cycle

New pages of the Poetic Edda

Today i added some more pages of the Poetic edda . Let me know if you find any errors .

I also added the links for sources and pages in all older pages .

Tweaking and adjusting .

Today i did not add extra pages of the edda’s , reason is because i have bin tweaking the page in the background . The page should now be better to use on mobil phones to . Added drop menu’s instead of the links on the left . This should make it look less chaotic on the front . And some other misc different adjustments to make everything look and work better . Sorry for the shifting around of items but like i said , learning as i go . Hope you like the cleaned up look and it feels better . If you like to give your insights or feedback , that would be appreciated . You can leave it here or Mail or FB . Have a great day/night wherever you are .

Nine noble virtues

Today i added a page on the nine noble virtue’s , i know this is a modern ( composed in 1974 and 1986) part of Heathenry but alot of Asatru community’s seem to follow or use them as a sort of guide . Because they are made with help from parts of the old writing and lore it has some ancient wisdom or councel in them to ( from the Hávamál and the Sigrdrífumál amongst others ). I find the NNV also handy to keep control of everything . Like example when trying to make a heavy or hard decision , i find myself checking the NNV . If i do this would it be honorable ? or would it be truthfull if i do this ? What do you think of the nnv and how do you look upon them ?

Life after dead for a modern Heathen

Today i would like to think and talk about this question . We all know what our ancestors believed , if they fought and died with honor they could get chosen for Valhalla or Folkvangr . That where the places people would go who did well according the gods . So now is my question . Since almost nobody dies in battle anymore . Are the entrance tickets closed for Valhalla and Folkfangr ? Will we all spend our afterlife in Niflheim , the realm of Hel ? Or would the gods opinion evolve with time on who is worthy or not ? Love to hear your opinions . Let me know your toughts here or on Facebook

Facebook page

After getting a few messages from visitors who dont have a wordpress account , i created a FB page for the blog where you can talk about items posted here in the blog .

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I whas not really planning on a Fb page but i believe it can be handy indeed . Will see where that goes lol

The Ballad of Vafþrúðnismál

In Norse mythology, Vafþrúðnismál (Vafþrúðnir’s sayings) is the third poem in the Poetic Edda. It is a conversation in verse form conducted initially between the Æsir Odin and Frigg, and subsequently between Odin and the giant Vafþrúðnir. The poem goes into detail about the Norse cosmogony and was evidently used extensively as a source document by Snorri Sturluson in the construction of the Prose Edda who quotes it. The poem is preserved in Codex Regius and partially in AM 748 I 4to. There are preservation problems relating to stanzas 40-41.

The lay commences with Odin asking advice and directions of Frigg as to whether it would be wise to seek out the hall of Vafþrúðnir. Frigg counsels against this course of action, saying that Vafþrúðnir is an extremely powerful giant, the most powerful one she knows. Nevertheless Odin continues with his quest.

On arriving at Vafþrúðnir’s hall, Odin seeks to obtain Vafþrúðnir’s wisdom through the classic mechanism of a wisdom contest. Vafþrúðnir’s response is to accept the wanderer in his hall and only allow him to leave alive if Odin proves to be wiser. Odin, a master of dissimulation, attempts to pass himself off as Gagnráðr (trans. “victory”), and beseeches the traditional hospitality which should be afforded to wayfarers. Vafþrúðnir, wrong-footed, invites him in and to seat himself. A game of riddling then ensues between the pair.

The Nine Worlds of Yggdrasil

Today i found a funny question on one of the facebook pages , why does everybody always talk about Valhalla and not the other eight worlds ? My honest opinion and answer on that question,and this was not recieved very well by some people who apparently felt adressed by my answer lol . Its the only world that is used in serie’s and t-shirts . This prove’s my statement that most new Heathens are just fanboy’s or fangirls of serie’s like vikings . And that most of them never look further then the series . Its ok to be a fan of vikings and sutch ( they where awsome ) but dont call yourself a Heathen because of that . If you wanne be Heathen , read the Edda’s and other known lore .Talk to other Heathens , we will be happy to help you in your search for info . You will find an interresting world beyond that .


Völuspá (Prophecy of the Seeress) is the first and best known poem of the Poetic Edda. It tells the story of the creation of the world and its coming end related by a völva or seeress addressing Odin. It is one of the most important primary sources for the study of Norse mythology.

The prophecy commences with an address to Odin. The seeress then starts relating the story of the creation of the world in an abridged form. She explains how she came by her knowledge and that she understands the source of Odin’s omniscience, and other secrets of the gods of Asgard. She deals with present and future happenings, touching on many of the Norse myths, such as the death of Baldr and the binding of Loki. Ultimately the seeress tells of the end of the world, Ragnarök, and its second coming.

Völuspá is found in the Codex Regius manuscript (ca. 1270) and in Haukr Erlendsson’s Hauksbók Codex (ca. 1334), and many of its stanzas are quoted or paraphrased in Snorri Sturluson’s Prose Edda (composed ca. 1220, oldest extant manuscript dates from ca. 1300). The order and number of the stanzas varies in these sources. Some editors and translators have further rearranged the material. The Codex Regius version is usually taken as a base for editions.

Völuspá is still one of the most discussed poems of the “Poetic Edda” and dates to the 10th century, the century before the Christianization of Iceland. Most scholars agree that there are Christian influences on the text, some specifically pointing out parallels with the Sibylline Prophecies.Bellows stated in 1936 that the author of Völuspá would have had knowledge of Christianity and infused it in his poem. Bellows dates the poem to the 10th century which was a transitional period between paganism and Christianity and both religions would have co-existed before Christianity was declared the official religion on Iceland and the old paganism was tolerated if practiced in private. This allowed the traditions to survive to an extent in Iceland unlike in mainland Scandinavia. Some authors have pointed out that there is religious syncretism in the text.

Some have suggested that the Dvergatal section and the part where the “Almighty who rules over all” are later insertions to the poem. Although some have identified “the Almighty” (a seemingly alien concept in Norse Mythology) with Jesus, Bellows thought this was not necessarily the case.

The English translation chosen for the Poetic Edda is by Henry Adams Bellows, from a 1936 publication that is now in Public Domain.

Bellows’ Translation has been corrected where there have been clear issues with the numbering of stanzas and where the author has clearly strayed from the Old Norse original text. All other areas of the translation are the original works of Henry Adams Bellows.

Odin and the Völva” (1895) by Lorenz Frølich

Where are the Heathens ?

Something that has bin bothering me in the last few weeks is…. if you read all the blogs , facebook pages and fan pages . It looks like we are with a million Heathens in the last years all over the world . Alot of people state they would fight when the day comes to protect and serve the Gods or what we believe in . But the truth is , there are only a few that are trully carring about our faith and kindred . If you look one the internet you can find brothers and sisters from all over the world , living there life , trying to do there part in this fucked up crazy world . If you look even closer you can find people who create all sorts of products related to our faith . You name it , somebody made it .And by the Gods , some make awsome products , which make me love my Heathen brothers and sisters from all over the world so mutch and makes me look at them with the utter most RESPECT !!!! So with that idea in mind that all the people of today that claim or state to be a Heathen would do anything for there Gods and kindred spirits . If you followed the rumor mill a bit you must have heard from the petition that is going on from Heathens against Heathen nation . If you dont know i would suggest to read about it , but please read about good , i have seen so many opinions from people who just did not read everything . But back to the petition , so with the idea in mind that we look to be with a million Heathens these days….. we are not , we are with a few because after 3 weeks the petition only has 5000 signings , so if people who call themself Heathens cant bring up the support for there brothers and sisters that are trying to protect there name and products with a simple autograph against a cunt that has trademarkt the word Heathen in the USA and has nothing to do with Heathenry ! How would you serve the Gods and faith when the time comes for serious mathers ??? It takes 2 seconds to sign the petition, you dont need to die for it , You wont get a statue or applaus when you sign it , but it means alot for a few kindred spirits who are trying to protect there existence . So if you cant be botherd to help a fellow Heathen …. how would you be able to do do bigger things for your faith ? Just my toughts , tell me yours if you like .

How is it to be a Heathen in the modern days ?

We all know how its like when people ask this question , in a modern society you are supposed to be one of the mainstream religions . Like Christian , Muslim , Jewish , Hindoe or Buddhist when there is a conversation about religions . When you tell people you believe in the old gods…. you get the look , we all know THE look wright ? Something like wtf are you talking about ….. or … are you mentall ? People lost the knowledge about the old gods and the connection to there ancestors so how would they know ? Since alot of items from our religion have bin commercialized they then start to believe that we are a fan of comic books and movie’s . Untill you start explaining that it whas the beliefs or religion of our ancestors and alot older then any of the other religions . Then they call you completly nuts in some cases . They cant comprehend the fact that you believe in something they dont know about , they see no proof as an official religion , no buildings that serve as a place for praying and worshipping the gods . We dont go around with flyers or going door to door to spread the word ! Most of the times its best not even to try or put energy in it, most people are not willing to think beyond the spoon fed world . They just drag themselves true everyday with what they have bin told/learnd . In some strange cases you will find somebody that has more interrest in what it means to be heathen in the modern days . Those are the more openminded people , alot of them are turning away from the mass thinking about religion. If you wanne talk about it with them, and alot of us do like to talk about the gods , go slowly lol , dont pour the lore and history in there troat ad fundum. That will scare them of pretty fast . Little sips and steps , they will ask more if they trully wanna know . It has become easyer to talk about it with becoming more known true serie’s and movie’s . But the catch with those media is that it also attrackt the people who will act like those serie’s and movie’s and are actually fans of the media instead of the beliefs they where inspired by or drawn from . How many of you have come acros people who are a viking now ? Including hair style and/or tattoo’s they dont know the meaning behind . I always try to resist the urge to slap them and try to probe what they know . So how do you react in a situation like that ? Do you bother or not ?

Who or what is a Heathen ?

This a very simple question i think , but its one that seems to already gives you 100’dreds of different opinions . And believe me they arent all that nice , sometimes its safer to ask somebody to get naked then this question . The answer is actually simple , according the dictonary ;

Heathen[ hee-th uh n ]

noun, plural hea·thens, hea·then.

1. (in historical contexts) an individual of a people that do not acknowledge the God of the Bible; a person who is neither a Jew, Christian, nor Muslim; a pagan.
2. Informal. an irreligious, uncultured, or uncivilized person.

3 .of or relating to heathens; pagan.
4 .Informal. irreligious, uncultured, or uncivilized.

Or theBritish Dictionary definitions for heathen

Heathen – / (ˈhiːðən) /

noun plural –thens or –then
1 . a person who does not acknowledge the God of Christianity, Judaism, or Islam; pagan
2 . an uncivilized or barbaric person
3 . the heathen (functioning as plural) heathens collectively


4 . irreligious; pagan
5 . unenlightened; uncivilized; barbaric
6 . of or relating to heathen peoples or their religious, moral, and other customs, practices, and beliefs

But simply said , anything that isn’t mainstream religion is considerd a Heathen !!! So according to the official dictonary , you can call it Odinisme , Asatru , Norse , Germanic , Greek , Egyptic faith …. It doesn’t change a thing that you are infact …. tadaaaa ….a Heathen . And you should be proud of it . Hell you can even worship the pink fluffy big ass pikachu , you would be a Heathen according the official dictonary . With that in mind you can see why we are a scatterd bunch of people . Beeing a Heathen can have a completly other meaning from person to person , and not one of them is wright or wrong . What people need to find is what it means to them and not looking for a simple unified meaning , there are things that we have in common but also things that will be done different from region to region . Find your way and how you relate to the Gods and honor them , that is my opinion or advice .